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Why We Do It

Running a sales team is a tough job. It requires a wide range of skills encompassing diverse areas such as recruitment, training, motivation and day-to-day management. To be successful in his/her role, a sales manager has to perform all these duties to an exceptionally high standard. This is a mammoth and almost impossible task which is why many organisations have an entire department dedicated to sales recruitment and another, possibly, to training.

But the majority of Sales Managers do not enjoy such luxuries - they have to undertake the entire range of tasks themselves. That’s why most Sales Managers and Directors need external assistance at one time or another. It’s not an admission of failure or a sign of weakness, just a reflection of the size and complexity of the challenges faced in running and maintaining even a modest sized sales team.

Without the benefit of occasional external support, a variety of common mistakes are made. These mistakes invariably have an adverse impact on the performance of one or more members of the team making the task of managing them even more difficult. For example, losing one or more members of your team means you have to spend a great deal of time recruiting and inducting replacements. Time spent here can only be at the expense of time spent with existing staff. Take your eye off the ball in this way and their motivation, performance and earnings may suffer as a result. If it leads to one or more of them resigning or being fired for poor performance, yet more replacements are needed. Thus the cycle can quickly become self-perpetuating.

Regardless of the cause, a high turnover of sales staff mops up a huge amount of sales management time and places an enormous financial drain on the organisation. Quantify the costs for yourself by following the link what you can save. In contrast, hiring the right people at the outset and retaining them is the single best thing you can do to ensure you hit your own target. To quantify the dramatic positive impact hiring the right people has on revenue generation, follow the link what you can gain.

The magnitude of these cost savings and the additional revenues simply cannot be ignored. Nor can the degree to which hiring good people eases the sales managers’ lot. That’s why the bulk of our products and services are designed to improve overall sales performance by enhancing recruitment decision-making and reducing sales staff turnover.

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