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What You Can Save!

What did it really cost your company the last time you recruited a salesperson who then left or had to be fired through lack of performance, after only a few months?

You may be very surprised if you fill in the following figures on that person:

Initial recruitment or advertising fee:
Training costs (incl. internal resources):
Company car (lease/month x no. of months):
Petrol, service and running costs (insurance etc):
Salary (basic + guarantee x no. of months):
National Ins, BUPA, etc:

Yes, it's a great deal of money!

With that sort of drain on your company's resources every time you recruit a salesperson that fails to perform, how often can you afford to make such an expensive recruitment error?

And that’s without taking account of all the lost business from lost customers & unconverted prospects which is likely to dwarf the above figure.

For an even larger financial benefit, click what you can gain to calculate the increase in revenue you will enjoy from hiring high rather than average or low performers into your team.

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