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What You Can Gain

A general rule of thumb that applies to most sales teams is that about 20% will be significantly above target, (say at 140% of target) 60% of the team will be on or close enough to target to not get fired, and another 20% will miss it hopelessly achieving 20% of target or less.

Whilst the tenure of the latter group is usually limited, they are often replaced with recruits who put in a similar level of performance hence this level sustained by a consistent percentage of the team throughout the year.

To calculate the relative impact of the options open to you, simply fill in the boxes below:

What is the target for each salesperson
Please enter the number of your salespeople who perform at:  
 an average 140% or more of their target (above target)
 on or near their target
 grossly below target (around 20%)
Total potential revenue gain by :  
 converting one average performer to a star performer
 converting one poor performer to an average performer

 converting all poor performers to average performers

Unless your team is exceptional in some way, you will almost certainly have proven to yourself that the biggest impact you can have on sales revenue is to stop hiring poor performers. In most cases, it will have a greater impact than improving the performance of an average performer to that of a star performer.

Whilst neither will happen without work on your behalf, just think how much more time and effort it will take to move an average performer to a star performer compared to simply not hiring another poor performer!

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