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Options for Sales Recruiters

Whether you use agencies & consultants or undertake entirely in-house, recruiting new or additional sales personnel can be a frustrating, time consuming and potentially expensive process. No more so that when you get it wrong! Inevitably you then have to repeat the entire process again incurring another round of advertising costs and/or agency fees and the associated loss of revenue from not having a salesperson on territory. These costs soon mount up as you can quantify and demonstrate for yourself following the link to what you can save.

Regardless of your preferred recruitment methodology, in common with all recruiters you have three options open to you:

Hire ‘experienced’ sales personnel from within your industry

Hire experienced personnel but from outside your industry

Hire people with no previous experience and train them.

Each approach has its merits and disadvantages. To attract one or more high performers from a competitor can be expensive - even more so if they subsequently fail to live up to their ’track records’. For, as many recruiters have found to their cost, success in sales doesn’t always travel well between companies.

Recruiting individuals with no prior training or experience commits you to significant training expense and low sales productivity over the early months as the recruits get up to speed and develop their skills. There is also the risk that with no experience or track record, how can you be confident the recruit has what it takes for success?

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