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Common Mistakes in Sales Management

Each member of staff at Sales Team Focus Ltd has held a senior management and/or director level position in sales. In previous roles, each of us has made all the common mistakes there are to make in managing a sales team. These include:

  • Hired a competitor’s expensive cast-off
  • Recruited the best of a very bad bunch because we desperately needed to fill a vacant territory
  • Hired ‘experienced’ salespeople who, it transpires, have sold virtually nothing other than themselves at interview
  • Failed to recognise warning signs at interview
  • Ignored warning signs we see & hear at interview
  • Wasted hours interviewing ‘unsuitable’ candidates put forward by agencies
  • Hungi on to a ‘no-hoper’ for longer than we should
  • Wasted money on training that had no effect on performance whatsoever
  • Hired a ‘farmer’ when we needed a ‘hunter’
  • Installed commission plans that didn’t reward success appropriately
  • Developed incentives that didn’t motivate
  • Assumed all salespeople are motivated by success
  • Sent people on training courses to re-motivate them
  • Assumed that because salespeople knew how to sell, they would sell
  • Used inappropriate measurement criteria
  • Mistook activity for productivity

Yes, we’ve made them all (and more) and have the scars and T-shirts to prove it!

Through this hard-earned experience and the associated 20:20 hindsight, we share our knowledge and expertise with clients to help them avoid repeating our mistakes.

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