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Why Do Business With Us?

Unlike some recruitment agencies, we do not want your recent recruits to quit (or be fired for poor performance) after 6 months so that we can earn more fees finding replacements for you. We know how disruptive and costly sales staff turnover can be.

And unlike most training companies that simply want to deliver off-the-shelf courses to as many delegates as possible in a single workshop, we prefer to provide training to salespeople only in areas where they need it and only to those we are confident will put their new-found skills into practice. By doing so, we deliver the maximum improvement in performance for any given level of training investment.

So, if you are looking for new or additional salespeople, we can help you find them, select them and advise you on how best to manage and motivate them once hired. Moreover, we can also help you with induction training and refresher training for established salespeople whose performance is below par.

What qualifies us to provide these services? Well, each of our team of consultants has several years experience as a Sales Manager, Director or Sales Trainer. All will confess to having made every mistake there is to make in managing a sales team. It was the realisation that during our careers as Sales Managers, we had all made the same common mistakes that the idea of helping prevent other Sales Managers and Directors repeating those same mistakes was formulated.

Having analysed the underlying causes of each of our mistakes potential solutions were investigated. After evaluation and refinement, the results of our extensive efforts are available to you as a series of tools and techniques that can be applied in a cost-effective modular form to improve sales performance and/or reduce sales staff turnover.

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