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Our Employee Selection Philosophy

We believe that selecting the right people, inducting them effectively, training them as necessary and then managing and motivating them appropriately represent a continuum of essential sales management skills. To be truly successful as a Sales Manager or Director, each phase of this continuum has to be undertaken to a very high standard. Excelling in one area will not offset an under-par performance in another.

Whilst you will always have to work hard at managing and motivating your existing team, if you start with the right raw material, these tasks become much easier. That’s why a significant proportion of our work involves helping clients identify and recruit high performing staff at the outset.

But the option of recruiting new or additional staff isn’t open to everyone. Frequently you simply have to make the best of what you have. In seeking to improve sales team performance simple economics dictates you must recoup more than it costs to achieve.

That’s why another large proportion of our work is in helping clients identifying precisely how to improve the performance of each individual in their sales team without wasting money on training that may well be unnecessary or irrelevant. Training is only worthwhile if it helps improve performance. Otherwise it is simply a cost, not an investment.

Our goal is to help clients get the best possible performance from their sales teams without spending time or money on irrelevancies. We seek to provide the highest level of service at an affordable and justifiable price.

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